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Dreams Really Can Become Your Reality.
But It's Up to You to Take Action!

I am PHOENIX (About Me)
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I'm Amber "PHOENIX" Victorian. You can call me PHOENIX. I'm not sure what led you here, but just know that you are always welcome to stop by!


"My Heartbeat"





I am Amber "PHOENIX" Victorian, a 37 year old Certified Mindset Coach, entrepreneur, and mother of 1 child. 


I believe that each and every person has their own unique story, and we are all here to encourage each other along the way as our stories take their twists and turns. My life's prayer has always been to be able to help to change at least one person's life over the course of mine, but God had other plans for me. After I was able to truly help someone for the first time, I knew that one person just wasn't enough. I love the feeling of joy that I get when I see someone's story change for the best!

I'm no different. Like you, I have a story. Like the Phoenix, and so many others, I felt consumed by fire. Yet, I found my strength to rise from the ashes, take flight, and soar without looking back! As we embark on our journey we hope our brand will help encourage you to find your inner PHOENIX and rise from the ashes!

This site will not only give visitors a glimpse into my life, but it will also provide guidance in other realms of life such as entrepreneurship, business opportunities, and a host of other things.

I spend time throughout the day talking to people on the phone and in person giving advice and tips and I often wish that I could share with more people. 

I hope you find something of use as this place for sharing grows. Please feel free to reach out to me via e-mail or social media if you have any questions.

Looking forward to connecting with you!




By now you have met PHOENIX...she's the visionary...she created PHOENIX Rising in order to aid in the encouragement and support of those that have, like her and so many people connected to her, experienced trials that have caused them to throw in the towel or at least have come close to throwing in the towel.

As you get to know PHOENIX, you will learn that her life has not been the easiest. Losing both of her birth parents by age 12, she was left in the care of her dad's current wife at the time of his death, which just happened to be abusive. She adopted PHOENIX, and things went downhill from there.


 As a child, and even still now, PHOENIX loves to learn. She graduated from high school  Summa Cum Laude with Presidential Honors and a full ride academic scholarship. Unfortunately, due to her guardian never showing up to pick her up from college for Thanksgiving break, she eventually had to drop out of school in order to learn to care for herself and deal with the mental health issues she was experiencing. 

That's only cliff-notes at the beginning of PHOENIX's story, but it's the reason why she has created this business. PHOENIX has a heart for those who other's count out. I'm sure that could apply to anyone at any given time. Some of us a set to receive our blessings later in life. We have to go through some things in order to learn in advance to  appreciate the blessing we are going to receive.

PHOENIX believes that each and every person deserve to have a chance to achieve their heart's desires. Sometimes life has a way of causing us to feel like it's impossible to achieve anything. PHOENIX has learned that you can allow your life experiences to make you bitter or make you better. The choice is all yours. If you desire to learn how to start taking action toward achieving your goals, you are at the right place. You have not only found a Spiritually Intuitive Mindset Coach who is here to guide you through working toward your goals, but you have also found a person that has a wealth of knowledge, passion for research, and the ability to solve problems with ease. 

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Sha'Bria Reed
SMR Artistry

It's a blessing to have someone like Amber in this world and especially as family!

"I've known Amber since 2017 and she is the aunty I never had. She's one of the most selfless people I know. She has helped so many people. She's the perfect fit for being a motivational coach because through her own struggles she remains positive and encourages others. She has personally inspired me to stay positive through my struggles in life. I don't know many people like Amber who smile through the pain or remain positive in rough situations. I've witnessed many times when she stayed positive through tough times. I truly appreciate all she has done, words cannot express it enough. Overall would definitely recommend her as a motivational mindset life coach. Mindset is capable of changing lives. It's a blessing to have someone like Amber in this world and especially as family!"
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