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Meet the Face Behind the Blog

I am Amber "PHOENIX" Victorian a 37 year old Certified Mindset Coach and Mother.


I believe that each and every person has their own unique story, and we are all here to encourage other along the way as our stories takes it twists and turns. My life's prayer has always been to be able to help to change at least one person's life over the course of mine, but God had other plans for me. After the experience I felt the first time I truly was able to help someone, one person just wasn't enough. I love the feeling of joy that I get when I see someone story change for the good!


My story is no different. I too, was like the story of the Phoenix. Consumed by fire, yet I found my strength to rise from the ashes, take flight, and soar without looking back! As we embark on our journey we hope our brand will help encourage you to find your inner PHOENIX and rise from the ashes!

This blog will not only give readers a glimpse into my life, but it will also provide guidance in other realms of life such as entrepreneurship, business opportunities, and a host of other items.

I decided to start this blog in able to expand our my reach. I spend time throughout the day talking to people on the phone and in person giving advice and tips and I often wish that I could share with more people. 

I hope you find some thing of use as this blog grows. Please feel free to reach out to me via e-mail or social media if you have any questions.

Looking forward to connecting with you!


PHOENIX Rising's Creator
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